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East Midlands Hunts (EMH) was set up to enable IT and related technical developments to be shared cost-effectively across the three associated Hunts and Melton Hunt Club while preserving the independence of each. With the necessary exception of MHC reduced-rate cap bookings being sent to the relevant Hunts, each group safeguards its own proprietary information. Each has its own website, and the Hunts and MHC operate Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and smartphone apps, mainly to publicise their forthcoming social and equestrian events (not Meets). Selected events run by neighbouring Hunts are also included.

The What's On coming events list is fed automatically to Hunts' Facebook accounts (as 'tabs') and to the EMH smartphone app.

Smartphone 'app'

This app is currently available for Android phones and can be downloaded from Google Play in the usual way: just click on the Play Store app and search for East Midlands Hunts . Phones which use the Android operating system are the most popular smartphones currently sold and are made by many different phone manufacturers. Broadly speaking, if it isn't an iPhone or Windows Phone or Blackberry, it is probably an Android phone. Popular examples are all Google Nexus models, the Samsung Galaxy range, the HTC One range and the Sony Xperia. If you have an apparently suitable phone but Google Play stops you downloading the app, you are probably running an old version of Android and need to update it.
The app initially displays a menu page: click on the Events button to display the coming events list. Further menu items may be added in due course.

RSS extract

Click the orange RSS button:

RSS 2.0

If you subscribe to the EMH's RSS newsfeed, your newsfeed reader will check every hour to see if there are any new items and it will display them automatically.