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This map shows the boundaries of the Belvoir, Cottesmore and Quorn Hunts at a hedgerow level of detail.

The map can be zoomed in and out by clicking on the '+' (zoom in) and '—' (zoom out) buttons or using the scroll-wheel on a mouse. The map can be panned up, down, left and right by dragging the map.

The boundary of the Quorn country is well-established, but the eastern boundaries of the Cottesmore and Belvoir are less clear. Notionally, both countries extend to the east coast around The Wash, but the Cottesmore/Belvoir boundary beyond Pinchbeck and the Cottesmore/Fitzwilliam boundary beyond Crowland are ill-defined. Lincolnshire's South Forty-foot Drain and River Glen are, for practical reasons, the usual eastern boundary although the Cottesmore does meet further east during Autumn hound exercise and the Belvoir hunts trails on the far side every few years and has met there at least once in the last twenty years. The eastern Belvoir and Cottesmore boundaries are thus shown on the map as straight lines connecting the eastmost 'definitive' boundary points. Each of the the three Hunts has its own website (see the adjacent Links area =>) that contains its portion of this map and a very detailed description of its country boundaries with changes since around 1800. Each Hunt's own maps also contain text or photo popups of its coverts and other points of interest. If you are interested in the hunting history of Melton itself and in particular its hunting boxes — many of which are still in existence — see the Museum of Hunting Trust website (also in the Links area opposite)

What's On

Welcome to the umbrella website of the Belvoir, Cottesmore and Quorn Hunts. Aside from hunting, the Hunts have extensive social and equestrian event calendars, and the purpose of this website is to list all coming events together with a selection of events from neighbouring Hunts, Melton Hunt Club and the Museum of Hunting Trust which runs hunting history evenings.

The three Hunts have 'countries' that converge in the market town of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire (UK) and have hunted legally and by invitation of the farmers and landowners of the area for nearly 350 years. The Hunts take it in turn to meet in Melton on New Year's Day* by invitation of the Town Estate, a charity whose origins date back to the Reformation. The three Hunts operate independently but are closely associated with Melton Hunt Club (MHC). MHC organises limited reduced-rate caps (days) with the three constituent Hunts (plus a fourth guest hunt — currently the Meynell and South Staffs) with the aim of getting more people to try hunting in Leicestershire. MHC also runs the famous Melton cross-country 'ride' and maintains the UK’s best point-to-point racecourse at Garthorpe.

* - except when it falls on a Sunday, in which case an adjacent day is chosen

The Hunts and MHC have their own websites that can visited from the Links area opposite. Neither this site nor the Hunts' websites contain a Meet list; for this you will need to contact the Hon Secretary of the relevant Hunt via that Hunt's website Contact page.

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